Monday 23 March 2020

Iceberg Finally Speaks On Why He Cheated On His Former Girlfriend, Juliet Ibrahim


Nigerian artiste, Iceberg Slim has finally opened up about cheating on his ex-girlfriend, Juliet Ibrahim.

The couple were one of the cutest celebrity couples but everything went sour after he was accused of cheating years ago and that led to their ugly break up. Ice via his social media account shocked everyone when he tendered an apology to her. He begged for her forgiveness for all the wrongs he had done to her including cheating.

However, while recently answering questions from his fans via his Instagram stories, the singer explained why he cheated on Juliet. According to him, he was looking for something he didn’t know he had himself. He added that he wasn’t sure if he loved himself or not so he ended up looking for emotional comfort somewhere else
He wrote: “I was looking for something I didn’t know I had myself. I got a point where I wasn’t sure if I truly loved myself, and ended up seeking emotional comfort somewhere,” 
See the photo below:

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