Friday 27 November 2020

[Audio + Video] Chinedu – “Celebrate” ft. Tekno

 Nigerian highlife-pop singer Chinedu is in absolute high spirits on his latest record dubbed “Celebrate”, featuring Afropop star Tekno. Released under the label imprint known as Bravo Entertainment, the Anambra state native sonically reminds us of the ephemerality of life and the need to enjoy it while we are here. On the track, Chinedu mixes the Igbo language with Nigerian pidgin to drive his message home, in a way that only vernacular can.

The new single enjoys production and engineering from the prolific SeleBobo, with crispy clean visuals by Avalon Okpe to match. The video opens up to a corporate setting, with Chinedu and his employees crunching data and numbers right before they seal a multi-million Naira deal. The boss then declares an office party, corroborating Chinedu’s lyrics that say “person wey work suppose chop”.

Tekno is at his best on the highlife factored instrumental, joining the groove in a performance scene while buttressing Chinedu’s point of having a good time.

This collaboration marks a key period in Chinedu’s professional music career as he continues to make his way to the top on his own terms. Popular for breaking grounds in his entrepreneurial field, the singer has worked up a sustainable strategy for his music by teaming up with his prominent colleagues in the industry to create unique pieces.

His previous joint effort with the illustrious Flavour Nabania on a song called “Na God” smashed streaming expectations and Celebrate is projected to triple the outcome. Celebrate is a double-edged jam that can be used for partying and for self-reflection.

It can also be paired with nice bowls of Nkwobi and sinfully cold drinks just like the music video illustrates.

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