Wednesday 4 March 2020

Burna Boy Supposedly Becomes 1st Nigerian Artiste To Sell Out Shows In Lyon, Paris & Marseille Previous:

Grammy-nominated singer, Burna Boy is supposedly the first Nigerian artiste to sell-out shows in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

A fan took to Twitter to reveal that the singer had sold-out shows in Paris twice with 1,600 capacity and also sold out a show in Lyon with a 1,600 capacity twice. However, the singer responded to the tweet correcting the fan on the exact numbers and times he had sold out the shows.

According to the Burna, the arena in Paris was a 3000-capacity one and he sold it out twice. He also added that the arena in Lyon was a 2500-capacity arena and that it was also sold out twice. The African Giant also said that his show at Marseille which took place on the 1st of March, 2020, was a 3500-capacity arena and was also sold out.
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