Wednesday 27 March 2019

“Waje Is Not Broke, She’s A Liar And Doesn’t want To Work Hard” – Fans React To Waje’s Viral Video


Since the video of Waje citing her frustrations concerning her music career hit the internet, the issue has been trending on social media platform; Twitter and many people are as well talking about it on Instagram.
After the video came out where she said she is not making money from music and as such, she wants to quit, music fans have given their different remarks on the issue. Some people are already sympathizing with the talented singer, condemning the current crop of musicians who have chosen to sing about their sexual fantasies, crime, drugs and what many consider societal ills as they feel they are the cause for artistes like Waje suffering from commercial fruitlessness.
However, some have contrary opinions as they believe it is Waje who is not hardworking enough. They gave examples of the other females in the industry who are making it big and they feel they are thriving because they are diligent and they spend enough money to promote their sounds. So they admonish Waje to be more hardworking and part away with some of her money to promote her songs better.
See the various twitter reactions below and tell us what you think could be the reason for such a talent like Waje wasting away commercially??

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