Wednesday 27 March 2019

Davido Tells Story Of A Fan Who Attempted Suicide In Front Of His House


DMW boss and African global superstar, Davido, has revealed in an interview with New York’s 103.9 FM Lounge that there was a time a fan of his wanted to commit suicide right in front of his home in Nigeria.
In the interview, Davido was asked about his craziest experience with his fans or better still, the craziest thing his fans have ever done to gain his attention. In response to the question, he opened up,”Recently i had this guy come in front of my house and tried to kill himself. He said i have to sign him or that he just has to be with me.” After the incident, Davido revealed the guy got injured at the attempted suicide and they took him to the hospital.
However, the singer revealed after being taken to the hospital, the fan escaped treatment and came back to his house. He said; “We took him to the hospital, he escaped from the hospital, he came back again… this is the craziest story, i have said this twice…. A time i was performing, a fan holds my leg, i thought it was a regular guy, i looked; same dude!!! It was crazy.”
Davido is currently in the US putting his albums together which is expected to drop in the summer. He already reveals he is set to drop two albums at once, one for the US market and one for Africa.

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