Saturday 18 August 2018

[Audio + Lyrics] Finayon — New Season

[Audio + Lyrics] Finayon — New Season -

Wipe your tears O you my brother.
Clean your eyes O beloved sister
Through the water and through the fire
You will go up, higher and higher 
There’s no mountain you cannot climb 
And no valley that you cannot cross [Repeat]
Rise and Shine your hour has come      
Its new season 
Rise and Shine your hour has come
It’s a new horizon [Repeat]

All your blessings will come unto you
From the west side to the eastside 
And the people will rejoice with you
From the north side to the south side 
Weeping endues only in the night 
But joy cometh in the morning [Repeat]
Ooo its new season 
Ooo its new season [Repeat]

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