Thursday 19 July 2018

FULL EP: KashKen – Kashimawo Ep


FULL EP: KashKen – Kashimawo Ep -

After dropping singles back to back “Kash ken” never rest as he dish out another offering with a fresh aclaim project he compiled as an ep album with banger and classic in town, the crowd favourite singer and songwriter will no doubt be the whole 9 tracks on the Ep which leaves the listener with no option than to play each tracks on the project in the particular sequence on the tracklisting

The ep featured some of the strongest assets the likes of sd walex, flamez, leakzycon,double s and youngest ibile
production efforts to YL did it and killervybe beats
The theme of the Ep is universal and privy which made him name the project “KASHIMAWO”
Why not click the download button and enjoy the best vibe you have never come across before!

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