Wednesday 25 April 2018

[Mixtape] Dj Seberstian — International 2Wingz Vol.1


[Mixtape] Dj Seberstian | International 2Wingz Vol.1 -

Dj Seberstian is a prolific Dj with reputable records... Its an international Lagos base Dj who measure with foreign standard. His professionalism cut across handling any occasion like wedding, traditional marriage, concert, carnival, Hosting Lounge, Bar, birthday, naming ceremony, house warming, launching, dedication to mention but few. Dj Seberstian is humble to the call, keep to appointment and have never disappointed his clients in terms of time keeping and delivery.... Kindly enjoy and tell the world about the mix and the DJ. Thanks
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To book him pls contact:
WhatsApp: +2348024604816
Facebook: De ejaysebastian
Twitter: @djsebastia2
Instagram: @djsebastian9ja

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