Tuesday 2 January 2018

Check Out Some Celebrity(vibez’s) Artistes To Watch Out For In 2018!!!

Check Out Some Celebrity(vibez’s)  Artistes To Watch Out For In 2018!!! - 2018

Check Out Some Celebrity(vibez’s)  Artistes To Watch Out For In 2018!!!
The year 2017 garnered a surplus of adrenaline-charged fresh music from new and unacquainted voices, as well as thrilling rejoinders from the known faces.
And As The Year 2017 Comes to a wrap and the new year 2018 Unfolds, Celebrity(vibez’s)  CEO and Entertainment Editor “Eazi’s Dynasti” Has Brought Together 7 Artistes Who Are Likely To Come To Limelight In 2018
Check Out Some Of The Artists I Hope Will Make A Major Breakthrough This 2018 Musical Calendar.
One Of Ib City’s Realest “Chrismek” Mr Weavon Is One Artist That Have Been Consistent In the Year 2017, Serving Hot Music With The Chrismek Signature of Beautiful Rhymes, Melody and Tune.
And his last releases “Make A change” and “Carry you go” , took many to church on the dance-floor. To Add To This, The Singer Also had to Drop A Debut Viral Video For The Single “Carry You Go” for His Teeming Fans Due to the massive Acceptance and Trend.
And I Say You Should Watch Out For More Banger From The Positive Vibe Preacher This 2018.
One Of The Sickest Lyricist and Solo Artist I know “Simple Swaggxx” Has Had a Smooth Ride Through The 2017 Musical Calender Dropping Just Three New Materials For Fans which Have been widely accepted and consumed massively.
The Singer Had More Sounds to dish out though but based on logistics, He is Pushing The Schedule To they year 2018, Expect more and Greater Materials from This Art This New Year!

Another Art Who is Likely To Come to Limelight This 2018 Is No One Other Than Lagos Based Art “Oskid Hanson” The True Son Of Africa.
The Singer Have undoubtedly had a smooth 2017 in his musical calender as he got one big Collaboration From Zimbabwe Africa and Ever since then, More Collaboration Request Has been flooding in within Nigeria and Africa. Even Though This art had some Issues With His Management Earlier 2017,He has proven himself to Be The True son Of Africa! Watch Out For Oskid Hansom 2018.
Another Realest That Is Most Likely To Come to Limelight this 2018 is “Specimen” The Lyrical Avatar. He is one Lyricist who is just too good at what he does. Currently a 2001 Student Of Hospitality and Tourism Department FUNAAB. 2017 has been a beautiful year for him.
He has performed in notable events at school such as the cowbell Coffee show in which 9ice was the guest artist, Dropped his debut music video for “Based on Street” , some couple of singles and collaborations as well. We Can’t wait to hear from the Lyrical Avatar this 2018!
Another Artist You Should Watch Out For In 2018 is “Oluwa Penny”. The Abuja based artist and Costa Music Entertainment Art Has Undoubtedly Had a Beautiful 2017, Dropping two Renowned Singles “Ariya” and “Ikebe Bolanle”.
His Last Release “Ikebe Bolanle” Have enjoyed massive acceptance around the internet, massive airplays on some radio stations and of course Been Bangerful on Clubs and parties as the single was a dope Dance Hall piece. Keep your fingers crossed and expect more from Oluwa Penny This 2018.

Last but not the least in my list here is “Ejitest”. A Kaduna Based Art who is so engrossed in the dance hall genre. In the year 2017 Ejitest Released a remarkable Dance Hall Hit single “Body Hawt” which enjoyed massive acceptance, massive downloads over the net and airplays on radio stations. To wrap it up, Ejitest Will Be realising another Dance Hall Banger The early weeks of year 2018 tittled “Body Language” , so seat back and expect “Body Language” from the Dance Hall art.
And The last here on my list is “Dexlat” . Dexlat might be drastically ignored but this “Young Champ” keeps churning out solid pop singles;
He is currently working On to-be-released project this 2018 and Dexlat might just go from overlooked to over-booked if the residents at his home city seat up and focus on Dexlat.
Compiled by Celebrity(vibez’s)  CEO and Entertainment Editor “Eazi’s Dynasti [@Eazis_Dynasti]

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