Tuesday 24 October 2017

DRUG ABUSE: Femi Kuti Predicts A Sad Future In The Music Industry

In a recent interview with Hip TV, son
of legendary Afrobeat originator and
legend himself, Femi Kuti has weighed
in on the topic of artistes venturing
into music for the wrong reasons and
the drug abuse issue currently being
discussed in the industry. Here is an
excerpt on the interview:

On people joining the music industry
for the wrong reasons, he said;
“We must insist to teach our children
music properly or else there will be
pandemonium in the industry.
Everybody is joining music for the
wrong reason. It’s not about the
fame. Music is very godly and it’s so
important that if it’s not done
properly, I fear that we are going to
have a very sad future in the
industry. So that’s why I keep
insisting that young boys and girls
should learn a musical instrument.”

On drugs and substance abuse in
Nigeria, he said;

“The drugs and alcohol abuse is
everywhere, it’s just not Nigeria. The
great Europe and America – It’s a big
problem there too. But what they do
since they know it’s a problem is an
institution – they have rehabilitation
centers. When you crash, you go into
rehab. The only institution we have is
Yaba left and it’s not ghen ghen
enough. Sensible people will
understand there is a problem. How
did America/Europe tackle these
problems? Even my father’s time,
they were on hard drugs. Heroin,
cocaine and everything. I don’t know
if Nigeria has gotten there but the
alchohol is a massive problem. We
have to start tackling it now or else
we are going to be in big problem.”

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