Friday 29 September 2017

Move On Bro! Peter Okoye Advises Paul As They Trade Words Again On Instagram [WATCH VIDEO]

P-Square fans are beginning to accept the fact that their favourite music group has split up. Reality is gradually setting in now that Peter and Paul Okoye would be making their music separately henceforth.
Peter Okoye has already set the ball of his solo career in motion having performed in sold out shows recently. He has also announced his latest
booking in a social media post, which will take place in the US, on the date of Nigeria’s Independence day. In a not-so-surprising twist of events, fans have been tagging Paul Okoye on
the post, but the ‘Rudeboy’ however distanced himself from Peter’s post, referring to the scheduled event as a
‘beer parlour and restaurant appearance.’
Not one to get immersed in the endless shade, Peter responded by asking his brother Paul to move on, while using opportunity to credit him (Paul) for
the successes of P-Square. Even elder brother, Jude posted cryptically saying, ‘don’t choke on social media’ perhaps in a seeming show of support to allowing sleeping dogs lie.
Watch video below.

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