Saturday 23 September 2017

I Was The First African Artiste To Make A Successful Concert In London – Mr. Eazi

Mr. Eazi has been getting a lot of negative reactions from Nigerian music lovers for his recent statements about setting the pace for other Nigerian artistes in different spheres. He claimed to pioneer the Ghana- Nigeria music fusion and further claimed to have left a well-paying job to pursue a music career. These claims have been challenged severally and
now, the singer has made another controversial statement in a recent interview with MTV Base Africa.
In the interview the singer said:

“I felt like ever since I came and
did quite a lot in London, a lot of
African artists have started
coming to London. It’s like London
is the Afrobeat 101.
So I just feel like anyone can come
and do a concert and it’s shown
I’m happy that a lot of artists
have been able to come and do
concerts but I personally feel like
Afrobeats is what is is right now,
it’s a wave.”
See picture below.

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