Tuesday 18 July 2017

Phyno vs Hushpuppi – It Was A Waste Of Time Fighting With Him

You thought the social media fisticuffs
between rapper, Phyno and rich
Nigerian socialite, Hushpuppi was
Ha-ha, think again!
There are statements making news
rounds from a Sunday Scoop
interview that Phyno granted the
Punch newspaper, where he owned up
to the fact that having to fight with
Hushpuppi was a waste of time. He
also commented on the socialite’s
habitual show off of material
possessions online, further describing
it as a childish act.
More hot words came from the brash
talking rapper who is obviously
allergic to the cockiness of the social
media braggard celeb. However, photo
evidence has shown that Hushpuppi is
currently being hospitalized.
Watch and find out all the juicy deets!

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And phyno really made sense.
I love that dude

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